What’s in a name?

I never realized the difficulty of creating a blog title!  After numerous tries and repeated messages of “Sorry, that name has been taken,” I was able to settle on the above title-Adventurehood.  Funny thing is this was my original title, but after thinking (well, more like agonizing over it) I was in search of something different.  To no avail, the next 7 ideas were taken, and I finally decided I was making the whole process more complicated than it needed to be.  Some would say I was thinking too much, which is a new phenomenon for me. 🙂  

So what is “adventurehood?”  Well, it is my life, most specifically as a wife and mother, but will include ramblings of all the “hats” I wear.  This blog spot is a place for me to post my thoughts, ideas, experiences, pictures, and anything else I desire.  Its purpose is to allow me another creative outlet and hopefully, keep those out-of-town loved ones up to date on happenings around here.  Of course, a creative outlet needs an audience, so my writings are for anyone who wants to take the time to read an insight into my lil’ world.  As with all adventures there are triumphs and joy, challenges and disappointments, however, the most important thing is taking it one step at a time, counting your blessings as you go.

In closing, thanks for reading my first post.  Please visit often.  May God bless you, and may you find Him in all you do.

With Christ-like love,



2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I love the name! I must admit…I thought “adventure” was a very important word to put in my title as well 🙂 Welcome!

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