Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.


Rotisserie Roast! This isn't the one we ate, but you get the idea.

We were supposed to have a friend and her little buddy over for dinner last night, but due to Hubby being ill, we unfortunately had to cancel the social event. Nonetheless, we decided to go ahead and cook the rather large roast we planned for dinner.  MAN, was it good!  I had borrowed my mother-in-law’s Showtime Rotisserie.  I seasoned the meat with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and after two hours of (interrupted) cooking, the main course was finished to perfection.  So I know your thinking, “Wow, a blog entry about tasty meat…woohoo (with much sarcasm).”  Never fear, here is the best part of the story…Rewind to the preparatory point in time…I had liberally seasoned the roast, ran the spit assembly through it, and positioned it in the rotisserie.  I checked the switch to make sure it was placed so the heat and rotation were on, and lastly, with great anticipation, I turned the dial for the timer to one hour.  Nothin’…there was no heat, no rotation, the timer wasn’t even ticking down.  Nervous that I had somehow broken the machine, I frantically looked for a on/off switch that I might have overlooked.  There’s not one.  I had the booklet/manual so I feverishly looked through it, turning the pages back and forth, to find no helpful information.  “What the heck was wrong with this thang?” I exclaimed.  I decided to give one more thorough look around the machine for something to push before calling my mother-in-law to explain my deepest remorse for breaking her wonderful kitchen appliance that has delivered many a good meal.  To my surprise I found the cause of such turmoil.  The darn thing wasn’t plugged in!  I was so relieve yet so dumbfounded by my stupidity, I really couldn’t do anything but plug the cord in and walk away.


One thought on “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

  1. You are making me hungry with your roast post! Roast is my all time favorite meal but I have never had one on the rotisserie.

    I had a very similar experience to yours but it was with a pump. You can guess what I am talking about. I thought I had broken the hospital’s pump or that they had given me a bum one. Turns out after five minutes of tinkering with the tubing that I hadn’t plugged it in. Real important for an ELECTRIC pump!

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