What did you just say?

I know all parents think their child is exceptional in some way, and of course I am not exempt in this bias.  However, our daughter, EK, did something this morning that was truly shocking (well, at least to me).  As I was slowly, I mean very slowly, awakening in the bed this morning Hubby brought EK to me for some snuggle time.  Hubby then left the room to go to the kitchen which is on the other side of the house from the master suite.  EK sat on our bed quietly listening to her “Deddy” blow his nose.—Sorry, I know that isn’t the most pleasant mental picture.  But I must add the fact that Hubby can not blow his nose or sneeze quietly.  He is just physically unable to do so, and we know because he has tried and is always unsuccessful.—Needless to say, this clearing of the sinuses was no different; the sound of a parade of elephants trumpeting a march rang from the kitchen.  After Hubby had finished, EK looked at me with confidence and stated, “Deddy buhhhh**.”  What?!  Did she just form a two word sentence?  She listened, made an observation, and then proceeded to comment!  I was astonished, but quickly replied to her statment with “Yes, Deddy buhhhh.”  I am so impressed; my 14 1/2 month old formed a sentence and was kind enough to share it with me. Oh the joy!!!

**I am not good with onomatopoeia, so just imagine EK making a sound with her lips together and “mooing” except with a “b” sound at the beginning.  Does that make sense?


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