Frumpy Mom Syndrome




Before I had our daughter, I never understood how a woman could let herself go so far down the path of fashion woe to become a frumpy mom.  And I, of course, with many naive young women, purposed in my heart never to do so.  Well, despite my best efforts, I feel as though I am in need of some retail therapy.  With the cooler weather, sweats and running garb are oh so tempting since they are toasty warm and comfy.  But with adamant determination, I am searching my wardrobe for some put-together looks.  Having outfits pre-designated offers me the convenience of knowing what I am going to wear without having to wreck my closet, exclaiming, “I have nothing to wear!” when in fact I have more clothes than I would ever need and should purge myself of many articles.  Nevertheless, I think one of the biggest obstacles I face with my fashion is not being able to accessorize well because I rather spend the money I need for accessories on another top or bottom.  I have gotten better with regards to this fashion flaw with age knowing a few new accessories can modernize and update a look without having to get a whole new outfit.  I am a work in progress and will consider myself so from now on, but if anyone has some words of fashion wisdom, I am open for suggestions.  



My goal is not to win the “Best Dressed Mom” award or personify the materialism and vanity that our society is so obsessed with.  My true desire is to have my husband proud to have me on his arm, not because I have a “great personality” or just because I am the mother of his child, but because he is glad to have a wife who has taken time to look presentable.  Secondly, I don’t want EK to be embarrassed by my outfits, although I am aware that might be inevitable since I am the ol’ Ma and she is the cute young thang.  So to conclude, if anyone wants to contact Stacy and Clinton from ‘What Not to Wear‘, I’m game!






2 thoughts on “Frumpy Mom Syndrome

  1. I’ll nominate you if you nominate me!! 🙂 All though in reality I don’t think either of us would really qualify. Darn it. Maybe we should start wearing “mom jeans” and sweat shirts every day to up our chances! HA!

    I was never really interested in jewelry until this past fall. It can totally change up an outfit and “re-create” a tired look. It is hard for me to want to spend money on clothes or get too dressed up during the day. I know little man is bound to get spit up, snot, or whatever else on me at some point in the day!

  2. Ladies, get in line. V and I generally make everyone around us look better! If you are feeling down we would be happy to come hang out 🙂
    Our problem is not our lack of clothing…it is just our love of comfort. Yes…I know Stacy and Clinton would argue that you could be comfy and stylish…but I don’t buy it!

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