Look out Food Network, here I come!

For some unknown reason I have stepped up my game in the kitchen.  I am impressing myself and my dear husband with creative entrees instead of the ol’ baked chicken and two veg standby.  Last night I made homemade tortilla chips.  Yeah, you better say “ymmm!”  

Me tasting my work.

A quick quality control check.







Come n' get 'em!

Come N Get Em






In keeping with my new-found culinary work ethic, we’re providing Thanksgiving breakfast for the Hubby’s paternal side of the family and then going to dinner at his mom’s and step-dad’s.  So you might ask, what scrumptious delicacies are on the morning menu?   Well my eager “patrons” may I recommend the spinach and onion fritata, mini butter-pecan bundts, harvest baked apples, herbed potatoes, concord grapes, OJ, tea and coffee.  Man, I am getting hungry just typing this post.  I’ll post pics of the spread, so hopefully it will look and taste as good as it sounds.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


One thought on “Look out Food Network, here I come!

  1. So what time should I show up to get in on that breakfast spread? That all sounds so wonderful!

    I have been trying to branch out too in the area of cooking. Let me know if you come across any recipes you think are worth passing along.

    Happy T-day tomorrow!

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