Not a ‘first’ I was looking forward to.


The arsenal

The arsenal

It is official…EK has her first ear infection.  She is, of course, not her usual happy self.  She’s been very clingy; basically all she wanted to do yesterday was sit in my lap.  Last night she had a fever of 101, so I gave her some OTC meds which brought it down.  We went to the Doc’s this morning and were given the diagnosis of the early stages of an ear infection.  Quick side note regarding my parental hygiene skills:  The Doc had to clean one of EK’s ears because EK had so much ear wax build-up, she (the doc) couldn’t see in there.  I know, how gross!  I am just so hesitant to put anything in her ear.  Mainly, I just clean around the outside of the ear and figure the rest will take care of itself.  I assumed wrong.  There’s a discussion topic for her next well-baby visit.  Anywho, looking at the bright side of things, we have made it to 15+ months without an ear infection which isn’t too bad.  I sympathize for both baby and parents who have had to suffer through this illness earlier and more frequently than we have.  And another positive note, EK is doing better this evening.  She has played more and not needed to be held as much.  So, what am I thankful for right now?  Antibiotics!


My little patient

My little patient


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