Deck the halls with boughs of prelit evergreen garland, Fa La La La

Christmas mantle decorThis year I dove head first into holiday decorating.  I have always been a fan of outside lights but inside decor (i.e. christmas tree) has not been my thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore and appreciate a festive tree and the trimmings.  But as for myself, I have not done anything more than maybe put up a mini tree and set out our three piece nativity scene in years past.  Maybe my ho-hum decorating attitude was because of the lovable but mischievous cats used to have.  What’s the point in tempting our four-legged darlings with breakable cat toys, aka: ornaments.  Or maybe I never got into the Christmas decorating spirit because we usually spend Christmas day at either my folks or Hubby’s and this year we will be home.  Who knows?!  I don’t remember enough of the PSY 1101 lecture on Freud’s id, ego, and superego to self diagnosis.  Nonetheless, I do know that I have really enjoy putting up the tree, hanging the ornaments, and decorating our mantle and dining room ‘chandelier’ this year.  So tis the season, happy decorating, and most importantly (because you can’t say it enough) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

P.S.  Simple Mom has a post with a bunch of links for Christmas decorating.  Lots of pretty pictures.


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