I had been doing so well with the dinners lately, but not last night.  “Gross” is the best way I can describe my miserable attempt at something resembling a meal.  My menu listed baked fish, sauteed spinach, steamed baby carrots, and grits.  Sounds simple and tasty.  I have made all of these dishes before without any trouble.  I should have realized that dinner was not going to be a success when I took the fish out of the packaging to see some gnarley strips they call filets.  Yet I continued in my work, but with no improvements made.  The fish was watery, so I proceeded to brown it in a pan on the stove.  While transferring the fish, a ‘filet’ fell to the floor with a splat.  The spinach was overcooked and tasteless; the carrots held a slightly metallic taste (don’t ask how that happened).  I can say I didn’t ruin the grits, but I guess it would take more work to ruin grits than to just make them.  I won’t go into anymore depth about the disastrous dinner, but Hubby summed it up pretty well, “It takes a bad meal here and there to really appreciate the good ones.”  Thanks Babe for the encouragement and running out to pick us up something to eat!


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