Hip, Hip, Hooray! Here comes the Parade!

We went to our town’s Christmas parade this morning.  It’s not the Macy’s Parade, but it’s fun nonetheless.  EK is definitely a people watcher and really enjoyed herself.  She enjoyed a sucker, hung out will her friend, EW, and got to see (and unfortunately smell) some horses.  It was a good event especially ’cause it was free.

Thanks Adventures In Family for sharing your parade experience.  I would have underdressed my youngn’ because it was sunny when we went to the parade, but turned cloudy and windy while we were there.  I figured more layers is better than not enough.  So thanks for sharing because it prevented me from earning “Mother of the Year.” 🙂


I forgot my camera, but our friend took some pics.  I’ll add them when I get them.

Here is a picture my friend sent me of the girls enjoying some lollipops as the parade rolled by.


EW (left) and EK (right) lovin' some lollipop.

EW (left) and EK (right) lovin' some lollipop.


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