The wind in her hair.

Today has been a weird day, weather-wise, that is.  It is overcast, humid, but the sun pops out for just a moment every now and again.  The temperature is like 65.  Not what most people consider wintery, but I have to remind myself we are in Georgia.  Since the weather is funky, trying to use the climate control in the car is pointless.  It’s either too hot or too cold; so to have some air circulating, we rolled the windows down on our drive home from a baby shower.  The response EK provided was priceless and the reason for this post.  You would have thought we had never had the windows down before.  EK was waving her arms, giggling like nobody’s business, and stretching her neck to have as much of her hair blow in the wind as possible.  She even added a little pant in there, which resembled a little too much like a dog.  Gotta love her!  This just tickled me so.  It was as if she had been set free from the dreariness of the past weeks of weather.  As breeze in her hair, and she was now a new woman.  I think she is ready for spring when we can go outside on a regular basis, soak up the sun, and have a gust of wind brush against our skin to remind us of the stagnation winter time can bring and to be thankful for all the seasons.


One thought on “The wind in her hair.

  1. Seriously what is up with the weather lately? Especially today?!?!?!? Sunny one minute, cloudy the next, and windy as all get out.

    Glad EK got to enjoy the rush of the wind in her hair. Thanks for sharing!

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