I try not to complain, so that is why I am calling this a venting post.  I just generally feel crappy and figured I would wallow in self-pity for a bit.  I am so looking forward to the second trimester energy boost I hear so much about.  I really don’t remember an energy boost when I was pregnant with EK, but I also had an easier first trimester.  To make matters worse, I have nothing to wear on the bottom half of my body that is not composed of lycra, spandex, or a blend of the two.  I’m a little over 8 weeks pregnant, but look 14!  You might be wondering, “What happened to the maternity clothes you wore last time?”  Well, I have them, but I am smaller now then when I was when I was first pregnant with EK, so the pants are too big.  I did break down and buy a pair of boring preggo jeans from Target that don’t fit great, but at least they won’t cut off circulation to the body parts below my tummy.

Well, it’s time to pull up the ol’ proverbial boot straps, get a snack and be thankful for the gift of life God has blessed me with.  So, thanks for reading and don’t worry, my next post won’t be so downcast.

Blessings to you!


4 thoughts on “1-800-555-VENT

  1. Darien, you might want to try looping a rubberband through the buttonhole of your regular jeans and hooking it over the button. As long as your shirts are long enough, it buys you a good extra inch or two in your normal pants and doesn’t hurt when you try to sit down. I used that trick when I was pregnant with Hazel and it got me to about 12 weeks.

  2. Just so you know (and probably feel better) I am not pregnant, my kid is 15 mos old, and I am still wearing maternity clothes 🙂

  3. I pretty much feel uncomfortable and not myself throughout my whole pregnancy. Fun times!!

    Do you have a bella band? You are welcome to borrow mine if you want. It helped me get a little more wear out of my regular jeans when my preggo pants were still way to baggy. I would do the rubberband trick like Sarah mentioned and then put the bella band over that. Works like a charm. It is also useful to wear over the band of your too big maternity pants until they start fitting.

    I hope you feel better in your second trimester!

  4. Thanks ladies for your advice and encouragement!!! You are awesome. Just to answer your questions, I do have a bella band, and I definitely use the rubberband trick with my pants. I have really been trying to stay optimistic, telling myself this is a small price to pay for a healthy bundle of joy. And I don’t have it as bad as some women do. My thoughts and prayers go out to all my pregnant comrads with their heads in toilets on a daily basis. Blessings to you girls. God has been good to me; He gives me strength for each day. Praise music and Phil 4:13 also are a booster.

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