Ladies, hollar if ya hear me

Ladies, I wanted to give a quick plug for a new product I have found and am thoroughly enjoying.  It is Olay In-shower Body Lotion.  Don’t know about you, but I suffer from dry skin especially in the winter.  Also, I am definitely wanting to do whatever I can to avoid any stretch marks (I know that you can’t really prevent, but that’s a whole other tangent).  Here’s the 411:

Background:  So, I was at Wally-World (aka Wal-Mart; we call it Wally-World because it has more of a carnival sound to it and that is what my shopping experiences there are like.  Again, another tangent) looking for some stuff for Hubby, when I ran across the above said product.  After much hesitation, I justified my splurge of $3-5 with the great hopes this would actually moisturize my skin.

Experimentation:  After reading the directions (yes, I am dorky enough to do so, again, I really wanted it to work), I followed my normal bathing routine and decide to end with a first trial run of my new “toy.”  I slathered the lotion on, rinsed, and ended my shower with a pat dry.  My skin felt hydrated and smelled great (bonus points given there).  However, I was not instantly won over.  What would my skin feel like in a couple hours or the next morning?  Only time would tell, and I was definitely going to make a point of making my observations.

Conclusion:  The In-shower body lotion held up to the test of time.  I remain moisturized and smooth.  I must add there is a minor downside to this product:  Hands, elbows, and feet may require lotion applied after your shower experience.  These are my dry spots and unless I was bathing in bacon grease, I don’t think any product cover the dryness of those areas in one fell swoop.  So, overall I give this product an ‘A’.  For whatever reason, it seems to take on less step out of my day and gives me an excuse to stay in the shower a couple of extra minutes.  Sweet Retreat.

Olay In-Shower Body Lotion


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