The Challenge

My blogger buddy, Adventures in Family, has awarded me with a challenge.  I must post ten honest and interesting things about myself.  I always struggled with this kind of stuff in school; what I find interesting about myself others might deem quirky, boring, or just plain weird.  Nevertheless, here I go…10 honest and interesting things about myself.

1-I am a cat lover.  I like dogs, but if I had to choose one pet it would be a cat.  Cats are so much my pet of choice that my husband and I were the proud parents of two hairless cats.  That’s right we had two Sphynxs; Sammy and Gus.  I kid Hubby sometimes that if I become a widow, I am going to turn into the “Cat Lady.”  Although, I will make sure that I don’t smell like a litter box.  Yuck!

2-Both of my parents are adopted, and I don’t have contact with my biological father.  This is becoming more and more interesting for me as I become older and fill out more paperwork on my medical background.  On the plus side, I fill out said paperwork fairly quickly since I am not aware of any major health problems in my genealogy.

3-I grew up in a military family.  Many people ask me if I enjoyed moving every two years as a child, and my answer is yes.  Don’t get me wrong, it was hard to say goodbye to good friends, but the prospect of a new beginning is very enticing.

4-I enjoy being around people, however, I am more of an introvert than an extrovert.  Small group settings are more comfortable for me, socially speaking.

5-I need to have some form of cover to go to sleep, even if it just covers my feet.  This bizarre trait stems from my childhood when I watched scary movies that I shouldn’t have.  In my 6-8 year old rational mind, if my feet were not covered then the “monsters” might smell me out and get me.  Now that thought process has turned into a compulsion, and I have to have a blanket, sheet, towel, or something to get a good night’s sleep.

6-One of my all time favorite things is to get a massage.  They are so relaxing!  If I was a disgustingly wealthy gazillionaire I would hire my own personal massue (spelling???).  For now, I am content with the occasional splurge Hubby treats me to.

7-I struggle with materialism.  As my mama used to tell me, “D, you have champagne taste on a beer budget.”  How right she is.  I will say in my own defense that I am growing more appreciative of the simple pleasures in life and focusing my attention on what is really important; God, family, others. 

8-If I could go back to school and earn a degree in whatever, I think I would either pursue graphic design or jewelry making.  I like to make things, especially items that are functional and for display.  Hey, maybe I’ll do this someday.?

9-My favorite number is 3.  Why a favorite number and why 3?  I don’t know, but Hubby and I have a ritual that started in high school that if we see a clock at 3:33 we kiss each other (sometimes using our imagination b/c the other person isn’t physically there).

10-When Hubby and I are older, we would like to travel extensively.  First, we want to explore the US and then go aboard.  But we definite have to hit Greece.  This is where Hubby’s ancestors are from and plus it looks like a beautiful place with lots of history.  Looking forward to it.


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