Preggo Progress Report

Howdy folks!  Just wanted to give you a pregnancy update.  I am now into my second trimester, 13 weeks, and am acting feeling “normal” again.  Every once in a while I’ll have a regurgitation spell, but for the most part I keep my food down with ease.  Now I am even able to brush my teeth for longer than 10 seconds without having the heaves.  At one point, my back teeth were feeling a little fuzzy; DISGUSTING, I know!  I go for my next OB check-up on the 27th.  I enjoy going to the doctor when pregnant.  There seems to be reassurance each time; reassurance that the baby is healthy and reassurance that my appetite is perfectly adequate (that’s a nice way to put it.  Did I mention that I had gained 6 lbs. in 4 weeks at my last visit-yikes!)  Thanks to all of you for checking on me, loving me, and helping me out.


One thought on “Preggo Progress Report

  1. Don’t sweat the 6lb weight gain in one month. I gained 8 lbs one month and about fell of the scale in shock when the nurse said the poundage out loud. I somehow gained one less lb this time around even though I felt much more ginormous.

    Can’t wait to hear the sex of the baby!

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