When I grow up I want to be…

I think all parents wonder and dream about the future of their children.  What will my child look like, what will their talents be, who will they marry, what career will they pursue, etc.  Well, I might have had a glimpse into EK’s future today; A career as a contortionist or an assistant for an illusionist may be forthcoming.  Oh maybe she’ll be the Grand Master Hide-N-Seeker!  I mention these unique occupations because I found my little one, and I mean little one because she is definitely on the petite side (an advantage if she does go into any of the above mentioned professions), bundled in a suitcase with the lib pulled over.  EK apparently has no fears of tight, dark spaces like so many others do.  So here I type, once again thinking about the future of my lovely lil’ girl now with thoughts of free tickets to Cirque de Soleil to watch her perform.


The suitcase

The suitcase


The contents

The contents




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