Family Fun Night at YWCO

The YWCO has purchased some property in the county and hosted a Family Fun Night there.  So, we decided to go.  As we were driving up the drive-way, EK saw the inflatables and started freaking out (in a good way)!  She was saying,”play, play,” kicking her feet and waving her arms.  I have never seen her sooooo excited; it got me excited too.  We met up with some friends; AS, her father, and her two sons.  After trying to tempt EK with the games like Fishing, Bean Bag Toss, and Kick the Soccer Ball, it was obvious she would no longer wait to “play” on the inflatables, so that’s where we headed.  Man, did she have fun.  She doesn’t jump but does stand up sometimes, which is quite a feat when there are bigger kids in there.  After the inflatables we went to ride the horses.  At first EK was not having it even though she was giggling and neighing when we were walking up to the horses.  Hubby got on the horse with EK, but she still wasn’t a happy camper until the horse started walking, then she really enjoyed it.   We wound down the evening with some face painting and three unsuccessful attempts at the cake walk.  All in all, we did have a family fun night.  Thanks YWCO!


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