A Few Drafts…

Alot has been going on ’round here, and in an attempt to keep everyone current, I had saved some draft titles that I intended to post.  Well, as you can see I never got around to completing those posts, so I figured I would give ya a brief of our happenings from past to present.

1)  Hubby, being the very capable handy-man he is, decided at 7 pm on Sunday evening to connect the water from the house to the water lines that run to the new garden we have this season.  Of course, this was supposed to be a 30 min job.  After many failed attempts to solder the connecting piece onto the current copper pipe, Hubby was running out of supplies, Lowe’s was closed, and he couldn’t figure out why the fusion wasn’t working.  Let’s put it this way, Hubby was looking in the phone book for a plumber who might come out and fix our “fix.”  Thankfully, we were able to get a hold of a plumber friend who explained ANY amount of water in the pipe and the solder won’t adhere.  I neglected to note that the closer we approached bedtime for EK and hearing the frustrating grunts coming from the basement, I called the in-laws to see if we could spend the night.  A toddler and pregnant lady don’t fend well without water.  We had our slumber party at Mamaw’s and Big Daddy’s and 3 1/2 hours after starting, Hubby joined us.  Whata night!

2)  I was reading an article about the need for friendships in the MOPS magazine I get.  The article was very well written, articulate, moving, and deserved a strong “Amen!”  This article really touched me and brought to the forefront of my mind how much I take my friends for granted (completely unintentionally of course).  So if you are a friend of mine, and you probably are if you read this silly thing I type, know that I love you and appreciate you and our friendship SOOOOOO much.  I don’t tell you, I know, I am sorry.  I can’t say that I will do a better job of letting you know, because I know I will be setting myself up for failure.  But I hope that my actions and words towards you are loving and encouraging and that without you, my God, and my family, I would be institutionalized—yes, seriously, padded room, straight jacket, and most likely a muzzle.  I am aware that all relationships have their seasons, so regardless if we are chummy pals or have become more like acquaintances, I LOVE YOU FRIEND!  YOU ARE WONDERFUL TO ME!

3)  I mentioned in #1 our new garden.  This of course has brought excitement and responsibility.  One morning, in an attempt to help Hubby with watering and weeding, EK and I headed out to the garden.  It was one of the most miserable experiences we have ever had.  I don’t know what started EK’s tantrum, I think she got dirt in her shoe, but within 5 minutes, tears and snot were flowing, screams were being belted out, and I was eagerly waiting for an ambulance and DFACS to take my little drama queen away (I was certain the neighbors had called the authorities when they heard the continual “wailing and gnashing of teeth.”)  I was determined to finish the watering, which I did, but now without some vomit from EK getting herself ridiculously worked up.  We went inside for a quick shower and miraculously all became well with the world again.  

P.S.  We have gone out to the garden many times since that fateful day,and EK has really enjoyed herself.  Thank goodness!


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