Back from TN

This past Saturday, EK and I returned home from Tennessee visiting my parents and brother.  We had a good trip.  Nothing of great importance to report, but that is what made it so nice and relaxing.  Plus, we got to hang-out with my fam.  We did go to the Mother Daughter Brunch at my parent’s church.  And to my surprise, EK made it through most of the two hour program.  Before EK and I departed for GA, the family ate at the local Cracker Barrel.  There, almost directly in front of the doors, was a pint size orange rocker with “Vols” painted across the top.  For some bizarre reason, EK took to that ridiculous chair rocking it like nobody’s business.  We have a couple of pictures.  Georgia fans, don’t be alarmed, EK is in intensive counseling and will complete her detox program in a week.  And yes,  Aunt Syd, you may blow this picture up to life size and pin it to the wall of your UT dorm room. 🙂


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