New addition to the household

My mother’s day present from MK (that’s baby number 2) was a couch for the playroom.  We picked it up last week and have really enjoyed it since then.  We had been looking for a cheap couch that looked decent on the Athens and Atlanta Craigslists for some time, but the stuff we found was either college-day crap, in good condition but had horrendous fabric, too large for our space, or more than we wanted to pay.  Now, all my mama friends, there is a place to sit when the babes come over to play.  No more squatting on the floor or sitting in rigid dining room chairs that are great for posture but aren’t that comfy.  I also think the couch will be handy when nursing MK and EK wants to play.


Playroom couch

Playroom couch

Later that day I got domestic and whipped up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Normally, I cop-out and throw some Immaculate Baking Co. premade tasties into the oven, but something inside me decided to go the extra step and do it myself.  I am glad I did, which is usually the case when I set my mind to do something good.  We took the cookies over to Granddaddy’s and Granny F’s house for an evening visit and have also been enjoying them for the past few days.  Yummm!!!


chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

Note:  If you’re not the best multi-tasker than I would not recommend baking cookies while reading other people’s blogs or updating yours.  Like KFC, I offered my “customers” an extra crispy variety of cookies if they preferred.  I even used a timer, but I suppose you have to listen for it to beep and respond for the gadget to be useful.  Oh well, at least the extra crispies were still edible.


extra crispy on left; original recipe on right

extra crispy on left; original recipe on right


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