Not so overwhelmed

A few weeks ago I was feeling quite overwhelmed with the number of unfinished projects we had going on around the house (bathroom remodel, the garden, landscape updated, nursery decorating, basement organization) and the impending due date of our second child.  I was feeling helpless and like an invalid because much of the work that needs to be done requires more manual labor than I can do while pregnant.  I am sure Hubby was tired of hearing me go through the TO DO lists and the deadlines of the above mentioned tasks.  Ideally, I wanted everything finished by August 1st, but thought that would be an impossibility.  Now, however, I am feeling refreshed and a minor sense of accomplishment that things are on track and seem to be ahead of schedule.  Hubby has once again donned the name of “Work Monkey.”  That minor sense of accomplishment is vicarious and actually comes from all the work he has done; the garden is completely irrigated with drip hoses and weed-free*, the landscape is complete (pics of that to come), the bathroom remodel is chugging along (plumbers moved the toilet pipe and added plumbing for the second sink and Hubby is about to put the new sub-floor down), and I am slowly, very slowly, working on the basement.  Hopefully, I will be able to report in the next few weeks continued progress and check some more things off the list.  I’ll keep you posted. (Ha Ha lil’ blog pun there)

*We came to the realization that the weeds were winning the battle of their livelihood and would not be eradicated without the help of some more hands ripping them from allied fertile ground.  So Hubby asked two guys he knows from work to come and help.  Thank you William and Wilbur for the incredibly efficient and thorough work you accomplished.  You don’t know how much you put my mind at ease and how much you saved Hubby’s back.  You two are awesome!!!


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