Preggo Progress Report

Went to my OB today.  Everything checked out well.  Thankfully, I only gained 2 1/2 pounds this time which brings my current total to 19 1/2 pounds of weight gain.  MK’s heartbeat is good and strong and the doc wrote me a prescription for a minor pregnancy complaint I have, so hopefully no more itchiness.  

I was a little thrown when doc asked if I wanted to start coming every two weeks or go four one last time.  WOW, that was fast!  I decided not to rush it and go four weeks one more time.  It seems like this pregnancy is flying by now (it seemed painfully slow when I had my head in the toilet at the beginning.)  

I am getting excited to meet MK, however, as mentioned in my last post, hoping we’ll finish our projects before she arrives.  We got a preview of her cute face at my last ultrasound.  EK would only give us her profile, but MK gave us the full frontal.  There is something humanizing about a face.  In college, the cadavers for my anatomy/physiology course always had towels on their faces.  The lab assistance told us it was because once people saw the face it changed the perspective of that person, no longer considered just a cadaver.  So even though I have been attached to this little life inside me since the start, seeing her face has strengthened the bond I so treasure.

Okay, to sum up on a less morbid note, I am glad to report things are going well.  Hot weather has settled in and the muumuus have come out of the drawer.  That’s what’s great about being pregnant in the summer–easy breezy dresses that keep you cool and clothed (there are many times I just want to walk around naked, but restrained myself for the sake of others.)  Now I just need to get to the pool!


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