We’re back

We’re home now…got back on Thursday evening.  We had a great vacation, but as always it is nice to be home.  The details of our trip included a long weekend to Jekyll Island with Mamaw, Big Daddy, and Uncle A with a family reunion at the end of the trip.  Then just the three of us headed to St. George Island where Granddaddy and Granny F have a house they so generously allowed us to stay in.  This was the first time EK had been to the beach.  Well, okay that is not entirely true; we went to St. Simon’s when she was 6 weeks old, but I don’t think that is really worth counting.  The question everyone asks is, “How did EK like the beach?”  All in all, I think she enjoyed herself, but as with most toddlers her attitude for that day would dictate how much fun she had.  Our first beach experience at Jekyll with the three of us was AWFUL!!!  Some of it was partly due to our poor planning and some of it was due to EK being exhausted and acting downright ridiculous.  I was not aware, as maybe you knowledgable reader might be, that the tides at Jekyll can be extreme.  High tide=no beach!  I had never experienced this before.  I had looked at the tide charts and took notice low tide was approx. 5:30 am and 5:30 pm.  So high tide is roughly 6 hours after, around 11:30.  To me that meant that the water would be up on the beach more mid-day, but I thought there would be some beach.  That morning we got up around 8 and started preparing to go to the beach; eating breakfast, putting on the swim diaper, applying copious amounts of sunscreen, preparing snacks, gathering towels, shade cover, and sand toys and loading up the car.  For most people this would not take all that long, but for a slow moving pregnant mama with a hubby that takes a little while to truly wake-up and a toddler to add to the mix, we didn’t get to the beach until 10:20.  We emptied the car of all our stuff, and loaded down like pack mules we made the trek across the beach parking lot and down the broadwalk.  We found a nice little “campsite” and began to settle in.  This is when the mayhem begins.  EK starts asking for a snack.  We assured her that once we put up the shade cover we would accomadate her request.  Not what she wanted to hear.  She usually is somewhat patient (well at least for an almost two year old), but not so that day.  The asking turned into demanding followed by an all out meltdown.  We’re talking alligator tears, snot flowing, and wailing like a banche.  We finished with the shade cover, and I tried to appease our little one with snack, but her threshold had been reached.  She was semi-calm eating her snack, but any little wrinkle in her universe would just set her off again.  During all this exhaustive and ridiculous behavior, Hubby and I are noticing that the water is getting closer and closer rather rapidly.  We finally decide to admit defeat after 20 minutes of prep time on the beach and only 5 minutes of “relaxing” and began breaking down and packing up.  By the time we got back to the broadwalk the tide had already come in far enough that the last two steps were submerged in water.  We loaded into the car our stuff, our wimpering toddler, and ourselves; looked at one another and just started laughing.  There was nothing else to do but laugh. Yeah, it was one of those moments.

We didn’t make it back to the beach at Jekyll; we were having too much fun with other things on the island.  Big Daddy and Mamaw rented two street legal golf carts we cruised the island in.  We visited the historic part of Jekyll which was beautiful and enjoyed some icecream.  We visited the 4-H nature center called Tidelands and saw all kinds of critters like sea turtles, crabs, fish, snakes, and baby crocs.  Then we headed  to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, learned some cool stuff and took a look at their sea turtle hospital.  Yes, there is such thing as a sea turtle hospital.  Who knew?!  As I mentioned earlier, the long weekend wound down with the family reunion, but that wasn’t the end of the fun.  The boys headed for putt-putt and the girls hit the pool.  We met up with the guys at hole 15 and while they finished EK played on the super-cool playground there.  After a stroll on the beach that night with the crew in search of sea turtles, we ended all the festivities with a drag race of the golf carts in the empty beach parking lot (note:  a winner has not yet been determined).

So even after that traumatic experience on Jekyll, we did have a number of good times on the beach at St. George Island.  Turns out EK really enjoys looking/finding seashells, digging in the sand, and boogie boarding with Daddy.  She even overcame her weirdness of having “dirty” feet.  By the end of the trip, EK was walking barefoot on the beach and at one point she stopped and put sand on them herself. 🙂  While on St. George, we took a little more relaxing approach to our days.  We went to the beach multiple times (without the worry of high tide), window shopped in Apalachicola, visited the state park on the island, watched movies, ate some tasty seafood, and Hubby went fishing.

But with all great vacations, they must come to an end.  And to be quite honest I was looking forward to coming home.  We took a little detour and had a quick visit with some friends in Macon.  But were back on the road within an hour or so; both EK and I had almost had our max on riding in the car.  We made it home uneventfully and have settled back to our lovely little life.

Enjoy the pics!


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