What’s NOT in the books

Pregnancy is a joyful experience, however, it does have it’s challenges.  One quirky complaint I now have that I have never read about in all those pregnancy books I devoured with my first pregnancy is body odor.  Yeah, I’m reeking.  I am not a very malodorous person (normally), but apparently my body chemistry has changed recently, and man, the funk is in the air.  Of course, I have maintained my personal hygiene by showering and applying DO, lotion, and sometimes perfume, but now that doesn’t seem to be working like it used to.  This is really making me self-conscious.  I’m not sweating profusely, so I don’t need a prescription strength antiperspirant.  My diet hasn’t really changed, and I have had to temporarily give up foods that I love like garlic because of the intestinal issues it has given me during my pregnancy.  So, bottom line is that I stink and it is all MK’s fault.:)  Oh well, I’ll be stinky mama for a little bit and have a healthy little girl in the end.  But for the time being, I’ll scrub the pits more, slather on the DO, and douse myself in smell good stuff.


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