Pet Peeve

sticky situationOne thing that will get me fired up in a heart beat is when people spit their chewed up gum on the ground, especially on hard surfaces that have lots of foot traffic like sidewalks and parking lots.  Apparently, I have a homing device for these gooey litter spots since I step in them way more than I ever want to (which would be never!).  Yesterday, EK and I were out running errands and in the mall parking lot while getting a bag out of the car I felt it…that sensation on my foot, well it was my flip-flop, giving me resistance to be moved.  I looked down and a long string of green gum connected my shoe to the over 100 degree asphalt.  I exclaimed, “Stupid jerk for spitting their gum on the ground!” and started to scrape the bottom of my shoe on the ground to remove the nastiness.  Of course, EK was in her car seat and then started repeating “stupid jerk.”  So now I have a shoe with sticky grossness I am having a hard time getting off and a toddler using “profanity.”  Moral of the story:  Don’t spit your gum out on the ground because you could inadvertantly teach a youngster some no-no words.  Moral #2:  I need to watch where I am stepping.

Just to add, if I had my way there would be a law that would make it illegal to spit your gum on the ground.  If caught doing so by the police or other citizen a mandatory sentence of litter detail along a highway in Death Valley in the month of July would be given.


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