Preggo Progress Report

I started my weekly check-ups today and came out with some very interesting info.  I am 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced.  My official due date is August 27th, but Doc doesn’t see me going past the 22nd if that far.  He also mentioned the possibility of inducing labor again because I am group strep B positive.  You may be wondering what is the significance of that.  Let me explain…because I am positive for group strep B I will need to have two rounds of intravenous antibiotics during labor as a protective factor for MK.  If I don’t get the two rounds then MK will have to be observed for 48 hours and receive the antibiotics through intramuscular injections.  My doctor suggested induction due to the fact I went so quickly with EK (I only labored a total of 6 hours.) and the fact I have progressed this far this early.  By inducing labor, we would be able to get all of the antibiotics into me before MK’s arrival and negate the potential of her having to be poked anymore than necessary.  Of course I don’t want my newborn having to suffer through any more than she has too.  The birthing process seems traumatic enough as is.  So our game plan is to make a decision on our course of action based on my next exam which is on Monday (the 17th).  Please keep us in your prayers.

Right now I am a bag full of emotions.  I am excited about finally meeting baby girl #2, but also wanting her to stay in and develop as much as possible.  I am ready to not be pregnant anymore, to sleep on my stomach, bend over without getting winded, and start to get my body back; however, I am not looking forward to the crazies the postpartum period produces, wearing a pad that could soak up Lake Michigan for 6 weeks, or loosing the ever-precious hours of sleep.  I fluctuate from joy and elation to the feeling of being overwhelmed and uneasy.  I know God will give me strength and help me through it all, but this is just how I am feeling right now.


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