Lactating and driving

From the title, lactating and driving seem to be odd things to write about, but I can be a weirdo sometimes (please, no comments about me being a weirdo :)), so I thought I would share a little moment of my day today.  In an effort to make it to church on time this morning I dashed out the door with MK, diaper bag (Hubby had already taken EK with him.), and breakfast in hand.  About 5 minutes from the house I realize that I had forgotten to insert my nursing pads.  For some ladies this would not be a big deal as they don’t leak, however, for this milk cow those plastic lined padded discs are a necessity.  I knew I had packed some extra pads in the diaper bag, so I began to rummage through to find them as I am eating my breakfast.  

NOTE:  I do not condone my behavior as it is deemed unsafe to operate heavy machinery without full attention and both hands securely fixed to the steering wheel at all times.  

NOTE #2:  Their wasn’t anyone else on the road as I was heading to church except for the couple of hunters heading home in the opposite direction from their early morning stake outs.  

Okay, back to the story…So as I am trying to snag the nursing pads, I feel it.  That tingling sensation of my milk starting to make its exit.  I quickly hold my chest in an attempt to subside any let down, now frantically grabbing the nursing pads with half of my breakfast hanging out of my mouth.  Who wants to show up to church, or anywhere, with two big wet circles on their shirt? With the nursing pads in hand, now I have to figure out how to take off the plastic wrap and insert these bad boys while driving before the flood gates let loose.  I quickly downed the rest of my breakfast, hiked my knee up to the base of the steering wheel to keep control of the car, pulled open my shirt and shoved a pad down one side at a time.  Not the picture safety or social etiquette, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


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