I started this post last week and am just now getting to publishing our adventure…

This weekend we headed up to Chattanooga, TN.  We drove up on Friday afternoon/evening.  That was an experience to say the least.  MK didn’t eat well or sleep well and was not fun to be around.  After hours of questioning every parenting inclination I have we finally made it to the hotel room to put her to bed.  Thankfully, she slept great that night.  Praise God!  EK, on the other hand came down with a cold that night and kept Hubby and I up a good portion of the night.  Next time we’ll reserve adjoining rooms. 🙂

The main purpose of our trip was to watch my sister in her rowing meet (If you didn’t know, she is on the rowing team at UT).  But we also were able to visit with my parents for the day and decided to make a weekend trip as a family of four by visiting the zoo and children’s museum.  As I mentioned above, Friday night EK started having cold symptoms: a running nose that would also be stopped up at times, a mild cough, and some sneezing.  Saturday EK was pleasant to be around despite having to wipe her nose 50 million times until nap time.  I should have been a responsible parent and taken her back to the hotel room and laid her down especially knowing she NEEDED her rest, but I didn’t.  I wanted to spend time with my parents, and I know they wanted to spend time with us even though they would have completely understood EK needing her sleep.  But no, I went against my gut feeling and let her hang out until she basically collapsed in my mom’s arms.  She woke about 45 minutes later and during her short slumber, morphed into the most ridiculous child-crying and very unsettled.  I felt horrible for causing this situation, but was also frustrated with EK’s erratic behavior.  We said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel room which provided relief.  From the sound of this story, one may assume that we had a miserable time.  Not the case.  We had a nice weekend.  God blessed us with good weather, we got to spend time with my family, and we were able to see some animals at the zoo (We skipped the children’s museum due to EK’s illness.)  I don’t think we will be making another long distance trip any time soon, but I am glad we took a chance to adventure in Chattanooga.


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