Have you ever heard of “threading?”  It is a hair removal technique that is an alternative to waxing that uses thread to remove the hair.  I had seen it in California when I used to live there, but hadn’t seen it since.  Last night the fam went to the mall just to get out (Yeah, I know, how exciting. :)).  There was a lady having her eyebrows threaded at one of the kiosks and for some reason I decided that I wanted to try it–maybe because my eyebrows were looking like fuzzy caterpillars above my eyes.  And after swallowing my pride, (I couldn’t imagine actually having a cosmetic procedure completed in a commons area of a mall.) I asked the lady doing the threading how much it cost and how long it took.  The cost was $10 and it took 5-7 minutes.  I had also asked if it hurt and the lady told me it was similar to waxing.  She was wrong on that account; it hurt worse.  However, I think it was worth it because it didn’t irritate my skin like waxing does.  And maybe if I hadn’t gone so long without tending to my eyebrows it wouldn’t have been so bad.  You should check it out sometime.  I think I might do it again.


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