Stars and Strikes

Our group

This weekend we started our Christmas celebrations with Hubby’s dad’s side of the family.  We went to Stars and Strikes-a bowling alley, arcade, lazer-tag, and bumper car fun place.  Not your traditional Christmas get-together, but just as fun as gorging oneself on turkey and opening presents.  We started off with some bowling, ate lunch, hit the arcade, and then most of the adults in the group finished the day with bumper cars.  EK did great with the bowling and arcade games.

six pounder

shoes a little too big

"Roll ball, roll!"

Granddaddy about to strike

She carried her own bowling ball and was fascinated with Dance Dance Revolution…speaking of DDR; quick props go out to Auntie M for winning the contest and scoring some cold hard cash. :0)

DDR with Auntie M

Fast and Furious game

MK was a trooper also.  She fussed a little due to some trapped gas/burps and being very overstimulated, but other than that was a happy girl.

Santa, MK and Granny F

Hubby and I had a blast too.  How often do you get to act like your 10 again?

bumper cars



2 thoughts on “Stars and Strikes

  1. Ek looks so cute in those bowling shoes! And you look cute in your grey cardy!!

    I went to gap today to check out the sale and they were no longer on sale. bummer. 😦

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