Tennessee Christmas

This past weekend we visited my parents and siblings in TN to celebrate Christmas with them.  We were supposed to visit during Thanksgiving, but I felt it would be too stressful on the four of us, especially MK and me, to travel that far.  Nonetheless, we wanted to see my folks, since the last time we had spent time with them was in October in Chattanooga.  The 5 1/2 hour drive one way, the part I had prayed for and was not looking forward to, was a fairly pleasant experience.  The one bad part was the last 20 minutes of the return drive; MK started crying and cried until we arrived home.  Well, I take that back, the weather on drive up there was yucky–rainy and foggy.  Despite those two negatives, the visit was really nice.  We ate homemade candy, exchanged gifts, shopped a little, and spent time together.  EK was spoiled with too much candy and TV, but, hey, what are grandparents for? 🙂  I had all intentions of getting some great pics of the family, but I guess I was too distracted in my own doings that I only took a few on the last day we were there.



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