Croup, Congestion, and a Check-up

On New Year’s Day afternoon/evening MK started coughing.  The cough sounded “barky” but she didn’t have any congestion.  Her little voice sounded froggy as well.  I didn’t think much of it at first because she was acting normal and sleeping good, but by Saturday evening her symptoms were getting worse.  After talking to a nurse and the pediatrician on call, we decided to visit the local urgent care clinic.  That was the first time I’ve taken a little one there.  Honestly, I wish both MK and I were wearing Haz-Mat suits.  There were people hacking, sniffling, and one guy was asking for something to vomit in while I was waiting at the reception desk.  I can only imagine what the ER is like—hopefully, I will never have to find out.  Anyways…MK was diagnosed with croup and prescribe a steroid to help clear it up.  By Monday the barky cough had gone but in its place was some nasal congestion and drainage.  Of course this makes sleeping, the best remedy for a cold, difficult because MK sucks her thumb.  Tuesday MK was scheduled for her 4 month well baby visit, so I called to change our appointment to a sick visit.  The doc checked MK out and determined she just has a head cold; her ears, throat and chest were clear thankfully.  The office went ahead and did the well visit and our petite little girl weighs 11lbs. 14oz. (6%), is 23 3/4in. in length (16%), and has a head circumference of 16in. (25%).  She is very healthy (despite her cold) and developmentally on track.  I asked about her rolling over because she rolled from her tummy to back right before Thanksgiving, did it multiple times in the weeks to follow, but hasn’t rolled over since then.  The nurse says that is completely normal that sometimes they’ll master a skill and then “forget” about it.  Now MK is arching her back, turning on her side to get from her back to belly.  Another fun thing she is doing is really interacting with EK and laughing at our antics.  What makes her laugh the most…her daddy coughing and EK jumping.


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