The Preschool Process

We have decided to put EK in preschool next year.  I don’t want to send her away too much; she still is so young, but I feel she needs some outside stimulation.  I’ve been talking with friends and doing a little research online.  Ideally, EK would go to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  I have one preschool I REALLY want her to get in.  We went to the Open House today, which even more cemented my desire for her to get in there.  The registration process is a lottery system, so now all I can do is pray and wait.  What I liked so much about this preschool is the fact it has a faith based curriculum.  The preschool is attached to a church, so it would make sense they incorporate Christian principles, but I now know that can’t be assumed for other school/church affiliations.  EK and I went to another Open House last Friday.  This was again a preschool connected to a church.  I assumed since the school was with the church that there would be some Christian concepts taught. I had previously checked the website, but the info on there was from 2007.  I asked our tour guide about a faith based curriculum, and she explained they did not use one.  Now, please do not infer that I am suggesting this preschool is substandard.  It is just not for us, and once again, I learned it is best not to assume.  Back to the preschool we visited today…Other things I liked are its relatively close proximity to our house, a new, clean facility with large classrooms, low teacher to student ratio with all the teachers having degrees and some graduate degrees, a nice playground area and a gym if the weather does not allow to go outside, and an open chapel day on Wednesdays so EK can go even if she is in the T/Th class.  I’ll let you know what happens.


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