A rule to live by

Tuesday night, while eating dinner, EK was just wearing her panties.  This is not uncommon.  EK likes to run around the house half naked, and if we are eating something that could possibily stain her clothes, we disrobe her.  While tending to MK, I heard one of the funniest things come from Hubby’s mouth that I had ever heard…

“No playing with your nipples at the table.”

He was instructing EK in mealtime etiquette.  The mild reprimand came about as EK was investigating her body while eating.  I busted out laughing and was followed by EK and Hubby.  I think I should forward this little story to Emily Post.  She may want to add it to her books regarding manners and social etiquette.  But I guess some things are understood not to do at the table.


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