Winter weather

It has officially started.  The snow is falling.  No accumulation…yet.  Here’s a current picture taken through the window of the dining room overlooking our front yard. (“After” post and picture coming soon.)

the front yard before

the front yard after

We had fun playing in the snow Saturday morning; sledding, making a “snowman,” and a snowball fight between Hubby and me.  EK was having a blast outside, MK, on the other hand, was over it in about 10 minutes.  I put MK down for her morning nap and headed back out.

Bundled up and about to head out

The best picture MK would give me..."Don't like this cold air in my face, mom!"

Hubby showing EK how to go sledding

EK and her "sled"-Georgia style

Trial run

Down the hill with a smirk

Hubby showing out with neighbor watching

EK and the shrunken head snowman


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