Truck vs. Car

Toyota Tundra

Hubby sold his truck and got a car.  It probably isn’t obvious from reading that simple statement, but the implications are profound for us as a family.  Since we married, we have always had a truck as Hubby’s primary vehicle.  Since he is a horticulturalist, loves being outside, and always has some kind of project needing to be completed going on, it was a necessity for him to be able to haul plants, the canoe, building materials, etc.  Despite its useablility, one thing that has bothered Hubby about trucks is their general poor gas mileage.  Hubby likes to be pragmatic about our money (most of the time, he has had some crazy purchases in the past, but, hey, so have I so I’m not one to talk).  It would eat him up to pump $55 into his gas tank and repeat the process every week or so with limited miles to account for.  For years we had discussed the idea of purchasing something with better fuel economy like a car, but we always decided it would not be the best thing for us.  We have owned full size trucks, small trucks, new trucks and old trucks.  All had their pros and cons, but the issue at the gas pump was still troublesome.  I guess you might say we went a little bipolar with our latest decision, one extreme to the next.  We went from a full size 2008 Toyota Tundra to a 2010 Honda Insight, a hybrid hatchback car.  At first we were very hesitant to get this car; what if we needed the truck?  But we jumped in with both feet for this car and determined we would make life work without a truck.  Shoot, people do it all the time and alot of people live as a single vehicle family or don’t have a car at all (honestly, that is hard for me to imagine, but I guess that is because I am a spoiled southern girl).  Plus, we have plenty of generous family members and friends who have already offered to lend us a truck if needed.

“So how has the adjustment been?”  In one word…great!  Hubby,within the first days of driving the car, came home with a new vocab word: hypermiling-“the act of driving using techniques that maximize fuel economy.” Some people get a little psychotic with hypermiling, like shifting their car out of gear when going down hill.  That is dangerous and may be illegal.  Don’t worry, Hubby isn’t doing anything close to that.  However, he has turned driving his new ride into a game or challenge to see how many miles per gallon he can possibly get.  I think its a little annoying, but I’m happy that he is happy.  To this point the best mpg he has acheived is 49.1 after about 200 miles of driving.  We added a trailer hitch to my SUV so we could pull a trailer if we wanted to have some more freedom with regards to hauling and carrying things.  So it’s all worked out and we are enjoying our new car.

Honda Insight


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