Rainy Day Activities

This week has held multiple rainy days.  Matter of fact, a thunderstorm is drenching us as I type.  So with all this wet weather we have been a little more creative with our time indoors, and I thought I would share some things we do ’round here when its too yucky to get out.

Rainy Day Activity List

√ read books

√ watch movie

√ color

√ have a dance party

& our newest activity…

√ build a couch fort

Yesterday EK told me she wanted to a “build a building on couch.”  This is her way of saying she wanted to build a “fort” using the couch cushions.  Hubby had shown her how to build one a while back.  She remembered that and proceeded to instruct me on the cushion ‘wall’ placement construction.  I made the fort a little different than Hubby did, and EK was fine with that.  She had a blast climbing in and out.  She got her baby and showed her the place.  I guess to EK it was more of a couch cushion house; there were not battlements to guard or anything like that.  And even it there were, she would probably be admiring her fingernail polish rather than keeping an eye out for the enemy.  That’s my girl. 😉  MK got in on the action too.  She thought it was sooo cool to be in the little cubby space with sister.  She was all grins.

So what do you do on rainy days?  I would love to hear about it.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Activities

  1. What wonderful memories you are making!! My kids always loved doing stuff like this. BTW, could I have copies of the 2 pictures with both girls? They are adorable!

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