Sprucing up the exterior

Now that there have been some pretty days, and we no longer have a newborn, Hubby has been working on the exterior of the house tackling the ever-growing TO DO list.  Last year we re-did the sidewalk leading to the front porch.  I don’t think I ever posted the pictures of that, and if I did, it won’t hurt to show them again.  So here they are:

The sidewalk was straight from the driveway and turned 90 degrees to access the front steps.  Between the sidewalk and the porch was a row of prickly hollies that made a solid hedge.  Now we have some curves in the sidewalk that I think adds some interest and softness to the hardscape. And obviously, we had to update the landscaping as well with more variation in plant material.

Did you notice the round fluted columns on the front porch?  They’re not all that bad, but not exactly our taste.  I think they age the house more than needed.  So with the help of Hubby’s friend, DW, we replaced the round columns for square ones.  They look fabulous and there not even painted yet!

What’s next?  Paint columns, shutters, and trim on entire house, new light fixtures on porch, some seating for the porch, and maybe new windows????.  I’m looking forward to the outside being done (if “done” ever really happens).


4 thoughts on “Sprucing up the exterior

  1. I don’t think you posted the sidewalk pics yet. The front of the house is looking good. Tell Josh to come on over and spruce up our yard next!! ha!!

    thanks so much for the heaters today. it’s no longer a frozen tundra in here!

    • Sorry, Hubby is on a one house allotment until the to do list is complete. 🙂

      Glad to hear you guys haven’t frozen.

  2. Just found your blog by a fluke — it was listed on my own. Anyway, I had to laugh at your last sentence. When I was a kid, my brothers and I wondered why our parents always had some new project. Now it seems we do the same…there’s always something new to be done. Oh well….

    • Hi there! Nice to hear from a fellow empathizer of the perpetual ‘to-do’ list. Thanks for the comment.

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