Garage Sale

The seed of interest for garage sales was planted in me a couple of years back.  My friend, CCR, was at the time a stay-at-home mom, and I was pregnant with EK.  She had mentioned that she had gone yard sale-ing a few times and found some fabulous deals on baby stuff like toys, clothes, shoes, and furniture.  Being the good friend she is, she wanted to include me and invited me to come with her some time.  Mentally I was so up for it, but physically, all I wanted to do on a Saturday morning was sleep in.  I didn’t have kids yet and any woman with a baby over a few hours old would tell you to get as much sleep as possible.  So that’s what I did.

Recently, my friend A, reignited my interest in cheap finds.  She has documented some great trash found at garage sales and thrift stores that she has converted into treasure.  So succumbing to the influence of  “peer pressure,” I decided I would take a whirl on the roulette table of yard sales one Saturday and see what would come of my ‘gamble.’

A few Saturdays back, I hit a community thrift sale and a church yard sale.  I was proud of my finds, especially at the thrift sale.  My prize of the day was an old chalk board I bought for a dollar.  It now hangs at the end of the lower cabinets in the kitchen by the table.  This placement allows perfect access for my budding artist to create with a very benign medium (I’ve learned from experience that chalk is easier to clean off than crayons.)

my finds

The other goodies I brought home were a pair of brown suede boots and a pair of cranberry felt booties for EK, a little hungry caterpillar toy for MK, and a rhinestone watch face surround I am going to repurpose for myself.  Poor Hubby didn’t get anything from my hunt except daddy time with the girls.  That was good enough for him.

rhinestone watch face surround


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