Easter 2010

Our Easter festivities started with an easter egg hunt at our church on Wednesday night.  This was the first year EK really got the idea of what to do.  “Pick up the eggs and get candy.  Got It!”  She was off and running on her own.

getting instructions from dad

on the job

MK also got in on the action army crawling her way to the goodies.  She was like, “What?” at first, but soon spotted something she wanted.

Poor thing couldn’t even enjoy the rewards of her efforts.

We attended a Good Friday communion service on Friday.  And then Easter Sunday came.  We headed to church, came home ate lunch, napped, and then headed over to Mamaw’s and Big Daddy’s house for dinner, egg dying, and another egg hunt.  There can never be too many egg hunts can there?

I tried to get some cute pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses before we went to church.  However, time was not on our side, so here are the super quick pics I did get before we dashed out the door.

This year was the first year I did anything in the easter baskets.  I went extremely low key.  EK got a chocolate bunny and a pack of ladybug stickers and MK received a container of Puffs.  We had to wait until Monday evening before EK could adviseably consume anymore sugar.  After some time chomping and playing with the bunny, eventually it was demolished into a pile of rubble.

I hope you all had an Easter weekend that was as full, festive, and fun as ours.


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