I’m so excited!

I am so excited that we are going to get our house painted.  It has needed it since we moved in, but more important projects have kept the house fund from being applied to such a venture.  We had a man we know from our church who is a “painter” come and give us a very reasonable estimate.  I put the word painter in quotations because he is more than just your run of the mill dude with a brush and roller.  He is an artist.  He hand painted a beautiful tone-on-tone faux finish at my in-laws that looks more like wallpaper because it is so well done.  Maybe I can get a picture of it for you?

Yesterday, my friend EM, who is an interior designer, came over and helped me pick out paint colors.  Her insight and guidance pushed my anticipation to the next level.  I knew I didn’t want white trim because that is what we have now, and I think the brick color doesn’t coordinate with the trim as well as it could.  So I was thinking of something like antique white/beige-y.  I also knew I wanted the shutters to pick up on the steel blue color that is also in the brick.  I know you’re probably thinking what the heck color brick does she have on her house.  Good question…honestly, you’ll just have to come by and see it in person because it has alot more color than one might think brick could have.  Anyways, The last color that needed to be determined was for the hardiboard that Hubby and friend DW replaced on the gable (I think that’s what its called?) over the front porch.  Again, I had a color in mind; I wanted a tan/taupe color within the same family as the trim color just darker.  So, without boring you with anymore details over my thought process of picking paint colors that you might akin to watching paint dry (Ha Ha! yes, this stupid little pun is intended.), EM directed me to the following colors: (These colors are from Benjamin Moore Paints.  This is what the painter uses.)

*The paint names are linked to the color preview section of Benjamin Moore’s website, so check them out.

Trim and garage door:  Sandy White

Shutters: Dark Pewter

Gable and garage siding: Light Khaki

You better believe before and after pics will be coming soon!


One thought on “I’m so excited!

  1. Can’t wait to see the ” after”. You should plant some tulips in your flower bed once your painting is done. Then I can run over them again! I’ve got driving skill yes I do!

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