A fresh look

Have you been waiting in suspense wondering when in the world I was going to reveal the pictures of our house after it had been painted?  We’ll you needn’t bite your nails anymore.  Here they are…the before and after pictures of our house.  I wish you could get the full effect of what a fresh coat of paint (plus scraping and caulking) can do for a 30+ year old house.  WOW!

garage before (left); garage after (right)

front porch before (left); front porch after (right)

I will confess I was a little nervous at first when Mr. RL (the painter) first painted the garage.  It was way more yellow/golden than I had envisioned.  But he asked me to give the paint a little time to cure and let him get some of the trim painted before we started to consider a color change.  He also assured me by telling me he thought it would look good after all was done.  He was right.  I am pleased with the results, and we have received many compliments especially from our neighbors on how nice the house is looking.

The color in the pictures is a little off, but you get the idea.  This project was so worth every penny we paid, especially due to the fact that Hubby didn’t paint the house himself  (yes, he did consider doing it.). 🙂


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