You gotta have friends

One of the many (many, many, many, etc.) lessons that motherhood has taught me is the importance of friends.  Before EK, it was just Hubby and I doing our thang and having a blast together (we still have a blast together.).  Then came our first little girl and WHAM! life was totally different.  I was a stay-at-home mom and Hubby went to work and school.  There I was completely clueless on how to be a parent and even though I had a great family for support, I really didn’t know anyone that was in my same situation.  I needed some mommy friends, and God, being the Great Provider he is, brought some awesome women into my life.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago…Before Mother’s Day Hubby told me he had loosely organized a girls getaway to Atlanta with the husbands of three of my closest friends:  A, C. Dubyah, and Mrs. Murray.  This was to be our Mother’s Day gift.  And let me tell you what a gift it was.  After many attempts of trying to organize a date we finally were all able to go to Atlanta on the 15th.  The guys had Daddy Duty ’til we decided to come home (;)) and us ladies got to shop, eat, and do whatever else struck our fancy.  No schedules/routines to follow, no diapers or potty breaks to deal with, no preparing meals or cleaning up messes, no disciplining to enforce, you get the idea.  The day was liberating and refreshing.

So what did four kid-free young hot mamas do?  Well, first we hit Atlantic Station for shopping.  H&M was our first destination.  I think all of us found some cute pieces to add to our wardrobe.

Next came lunch at Rosa Mexicano which included fresh “make at your table” guacamole, some sips of a pomegranate margarita, and grilled fish with the fixin’s served on warm corn tortillas.  Delicioso!

After refueling to almost the point of indigestion, we moseyed on through the rest of Atlantic Station going in a couple more stores (no trying on clothes after that meal) and then headed over to Ikea.  We needed a store we could walk 5 miles in to burn off all the calories we had consumed.

The security guard was kind enough to point us in the right direction to the store (like you can miss it) just like Bob Barker’s Beauties on The Price Is Right.  Thanks dude, you brought a smile to our face!

Ikea was a flop; nothing good there.  Ha ha, gotcha!  If you can’t find some cool stuff in the gazillion square feet of affordable everything-for-your-home menagerie than there is something wrong with you.  There was nothing wrong with us ‘cuz we all walked out with a bag of goodies and a cinnamon roll.  Side note:  Whoever thought a large store should sell food needs to be awarded The Nobel Peace Price.  Hungry shoppers are irritable shoppers and who wants to peruse a store avoiding the hungry Grumpy Guses of the world.

Now, back to our day of reckless abandon mommy style (sorry for the digression)…Here are a couple of items we all “oooooed and aaaaaed” over and the ridiculous entertainment we amused ourselves with:

Don’t we fuss at our kids for playing on shopping carts?

As you can imagine our tootsies were tired from all walking so we decided the best remedy for that ailment was a nail salon—pedicure time, baby!  The night before we left I had looked up online some nail salons that were close to us, you know, just in case of an emergency like we had.  We typed the address of the one we picked (based on my suggestion) into the GPS and followed the obnoxious female voice to our destination.  It was a flop.  No, this time I am serious.  We pulled into the parking lot, discussed the sketchiness of the place, figured we might acquire a foot fungus if we solicited their services, and drove back out hoping to find another place close by.  We did find another nail salon just a block away, but they were too busy to have all our piggies polished by our dinner reservation time.

Yet again, another remedy was needed and found to ease the pain of disappointment, Starbucks.  Starbucks was running a happy hour special daily (sorry it ended the 16th) from 3-5pm for half price Frappuccinos.  Everyone but me jumped on the deal, but being the odd-ball that I am I got a white chocolate mocha, decaf, light whip—-yum mee!

After most of the day spent shopping and eating, shopping and eating, it was yet again time to eat.  This time it was dinner at Veni Vidi Vici, an upscale Italian resturant with a delectable menu and ambiance to spare.  I decided on the farfalle as my main course and shared a caesar salad.  Dessert was lemon pound cake with fresh berries drizzled with an aged balsamic vinegar and a warm chocolate molten cake topped with vanilla icecream.  We shared of course.

As we went to “powder our nose” we passed a piece of history, a true relic:  a cigarette vending machine.  When is the last time you’ve seen one of these in operation?  This really doesn’t have much to do with the activities of our day, but it made an impression on me so I thought I would share.  I again apologize for the second digression.

Continuing on…I neglected to mention earlier that C. Dubyah was generous with the use of her vehicle and drove us to dinner that night.  Well, the day before our adventure her family had a fish fry at a friend’s house and provided the fish.  Unbeknownst to C. Dubyah during its time in transit to the friend’s house, the cargo in the back of her SUV leaked fish juice into the carpet.  You can only imagine the malodorous aroma permeating the air.  I had packed a can of air freshener (don’t ask why), and we attempted to douse the smell with it.  It work only briefly.  When we arrived at the valet station in the parking deck C. Dubyah explained to the parking attendant what happened and welcomed him to use the air freshener as much as he desired.  Upon our return after dinner, a different parking attendant brought the car to us.  C. Dubyah mentioned something about the smell and the guy had a look on his face that made us all bust out laughing.  He got the full story of the cause of the smell and we quickly parted ways.

Well, I know I have filled you in with far more details than you would have ever wanted to know, but I wanted to share all the fun of the day with you.  I hope we get to do it again sometime soon, like tomorrow.

Thank you girls for an awesome time.  Each one of you is so special to me, and I am proud to call you my friend.  I love you gals!

Lastly, but most importantly, a very special thank you goes to Hubby.  Thank you for seeing the need for a time of refreshing and having time with my friends.  You make me feel like a queen even though I am undeserving of such treatment.  I LOVE YOU! XO


5 thoughts on “You gotta have friends

  1. I had such a blast with you!! Thanks again for driving and for letting me talk to you until all hours of the night. Hubby never lets me do that. 😦

    It was definitely an experience I will never forget (you know why).

    I am so thankful to call you my friend. I love that you crack me up all the time and that you are just as dorky as I am. 🙂 I know God crossed our paths during this time in our lives so we could help each other survive and thrive through motherhood. love you friend!!

    • The pleasure was mine to listen to your incessant chatter. Totally just kidding. I think I talked way more than you and mine was mostly about nothing. Looking forward to our next getaway whenever it will be. Maybe an antique festival or the rehearsal dinner ;).

  2. What a day and night! I had such a wonderful day and dinner with you ladies-Nothing could have prepared me for what I faced when I went home that night but God and your friendship pulled us through. Sorry the trip was cut short but I thank each of you and your hubby’s for EVERYTHING you did for us Sunday. Can’t wait for another trip! Much love to you!!!

    • I know you would have done the same for us, and that we can count on ya’ll in times of need. No need to apologize, the point was to have some girl time away from home and that’s what we all enjoyed. Most definitely we’ll have to do another trip. Thanks for a fun time and putting up with my aimless driving in ATL!

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