Just another miracle

I hope you caught the facetious tone in the title of this post.  Each miracle is a gracious gift from God, and recently we had the privileged of witnessing a miracle which occurred in a dear friend’s life.

A little background info:  The girls getaway I told you about was going to include Saturday night in a hotel and some activities on Sunday.  About a week or so before our departure, Courtney (C. Dubyah) found out her husband Drew was going to have to fly out-of-town that Sunday for work.  It would have been too much to make sure everything was taken care of and get Drew to the airport on time, so Courtney decided she would return home after dinner on Saturday.  She texted us around 11 pm letting us know she safely arrived home.

The events of the next couple of days evoked all the emotions between desperate prayer to blissful hope.  I thought it best to let Courtney’s own words tell the story of the miracle that happened in her husband’s and her family’s life.  Below are the email correspondences she sent during this trying time to keep everyone up-to-date on Drew and his condition.  All of the events took place between the wee hours of Sunday morning to late Wednesday afternoon.


“Good Morning Family and Friends,

We are asking for your prayers this morning for Andrew and our family.  Here is a short version of what has happened over the last 36 hours…

Saturday night (5/16) about 12:15 I woke up to Andrew having what we now know was a seizure. I called 911 and he was transported by ambulance to Athens Regional.  Once in the ER we found out that the seizure was caused by a mass on his brain that is about 2 c.m x 2 c.m.  He was admitted into the neuro ICU and was stable, talking, and doing well.  Yesterday morning he had an MRI to determine what the mass was and what treatment option there are.

After a very long day of waiting the Dr. met with us about 7:30 last night.  He told us what we feel is the best news for the circumstance.  He said that Andrew does NOT have a tumor but has a clump of enlarged blood vessels on his brain that are tangled up and caused his seizure.  There are 2 treatment options, and he feels that for a healthy 32 year old surgery seems to be the best.  When I left the hospital last night Andrew was leaning toward having the surgery this morning but was not 100%.

I am on my way to the hospital with the thought that he will have surgery this morning about 9:00.  Please pray for him as he has the surgery and goes through recovery.  Also, please pray for Elizabeth and Luke (Courtney and Drew’s two young children)-they are doing great. Family and friends are helping take care of them at the house so that I can concentrate on Andrew.  Also, Please pray for me and the sweet baby in my belly-this has been very hard to see my healthy husband go through all of this.

We are VERY thankful for so many details that I don’t have time to tell you about. We know God is in control of this and our prayer is that he will heal Andrew.  Thank you for your love and support-I will try to have someone update you today.


Drew went into surgery about 9:00 and they just called to say that things are going well.  We expect him to be in recovery sometime around lunch Then in ICU for the day and night.  I will update once he is in his room.  Thanks.


The surgery went well-no complications.  I saw him a few minutes ago and he looks good, he said that he has a headache (that’s to be expected!) Several people have asked about visiting and the dr’s and nurses have asked for no visitors at this point.  Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement.  I’ll update tomorrow with his progress.


Drew had a good night and day.  The post-op MRI looked very good and the dr. is pleased with the surgery.  He moved to a regular room about lunch time and was able to take a shower and felt much better after that.  He was tired and hurting this afternoon so I came home to be with the kids and let him rest.  There is a possibility of him coming home as soon as tomorrow-hard to believe 2 days after brain surgery.  Thank you again for everything, we have so many things to be thankful for.  Have a good night.


This is Andrew –

If you are on this list you have witnessed a miracle.  I am home and feeling good.  I have a minor headache, but that is to be expected after a tennis ball sized hole was drilled into my head.  The pain is being cover with tylenol.  Thank you for everything,


This is Courtney-

We are so thankful to have Drew home!  He is doing well and recovering quickly.  Thank you all for your support and well wishes during this time-We appreciate all the food, help with the kids, and prayers more than you will ever know. Have a great weekend.

Thank you,



While reading this post to proof it, I am reminded of the frailty of life, but the awesomeness of God.  Drew has been blessed with a wonderful extra-special testimony.  He is continuing to do well and has started back to work.  To God be the glory!


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