Our new little guy



our 6 week old male kitten

I have wanted to get a kitten for a while now.  I want the girls to grow up with animals in their lives.  Pets are great educators; they teach responsibility, love, compassion for living things, and so many other great life lessons.

We picked Stix up from a friend’s farm that unexpectantly had two litters arrive three weeks apart.  He stayed inside the house in restricted quarters Thursday through Sunday so he would bond with us.  Monday was his first day outside on his own for any extended period of time.  He is doing great!  Within the first 30 minutes of being home he ate some food, drank some water, and eliminated his bodily functions in the litter box.  Apparently, he knew he was part of the family and didn’t hold back.  He is very social and obviously, because he’s a kitten, very playful.  He wants to be part of the action and follows us around like a puppy dog.  I am excited about the years to come having this guy around.  I think he has already added something lovely to our family.

Both the girls like having him around.  EK who has always been timid around animals is doing well adapting to having Stix underfoot.  She gets a little skittish around him occasionally, but the funny thing is she is so proud of herself when she picks him up and puts him down.  She says, “Ta Da!” as if she has performed some astonishing feat.  Needless to say, I am proud of her being proud of herself.

MK, on the other hand, has no fear and grabs Stix like he is a toy.  The closest body part to her that she can reach or crawl over to get into her grasps is quickly clenched with a chuckle.  Stix doesn’t seem to mind all that much.  He keeps coming around her and lovin’ on her.  I am trying to teach her to be gentle, but it is kinda hard when she has one hand around his face and the other is grabbing his fur.  I am glad kittens are tougher than they look. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Our new little guy

  1. A few things…MK is huge! That is crazy!!! The kitten is way to cute!! And I love this blog theme…I tried it out myself and almost stuck with it 🙂

    • As you well know, our youngins grow-up fast. I enjoy reading about Miss Girl’s adventures.

      I really like this theme too (obviously). It’s simple with a little spunk.


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