Southern Blue Beauties

I must concur with fellow blogger, Beth, at Design A-Peele, that hydrangeas this year have been especially beautiful.  Hubby has even mentioned it too. And since I would call him somewhat of an expert about hydrangeas since he did his Ph.D research with them, I feel confident to conclude it is a banner year for our southern blue beauties.

Because of the bumper crop, I was compelled to photograph the hydrangeas in our garden (yard).  And man, am I glad I did.  The pictures are stellar (if I do say so myself) and really capture the casual elegance of these blooms.  Enjoy!

P.S. Go get a hydrangea named Twist-n-Shout™.  This plant was jointly introduced by The University of Georgia and the company my husband works for, Plant Introductions, Inc.


3 thoughts on “Southern Blue Beauties

  1. Beautiful pictures D! How did you talk that ladybug into posing for you? 🙂 The last of the hydrangea’s you gave me died yesterday but I sure enjoyed having them while they lasted!

    • I’m the Ladybug Whisperer. Didn’t you know that? 🙂 Okay, really here’s my secret: I just kept picking it up and putting it on the flower until I got a couple of good shots. There ya have it.

  2. Those are awesome pictures! I am completely jealous of the
    amazing flowers and plants you all have in the south. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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