Las Vegas postponed…

…But Chicago here we come!

(photo source)

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this August and after lots of discussion and even some debate, we decided that we were going to go big and hit up Vegas just the two of us.  Hubby had been watching the fares, but for whatever reason he hadn’t been able to follow through and purchase the tickets.  Good thing he hadn’t.

Recently at a business dinner meeting, a fellow nurseryman extended an invitation to Hubby to visit a trade show in Chicago in August and even offered to pay for his hotel and airfare.  When I heard about it, I thought this was an opportunity too good to pass up since I stay at home and the girls are not in school yet (obviously).  We’re tagging along.

Hubby and I talked about doing both cities, but honestly August is already going to be hectic for us with the girls’ birthdays and our anniversary, and we felt it would be financially irresponsible for us to attempt two trips (despite all the fun it would be).

Hubby purchased our tickets for Chicago this morning; so now it is official.  We’ll be spending basically three days in the city.  So here’s what I need from you:  What would you recommend visiting/doing/eating/seeing in Chicago?  Of course, I am planning on doing some research about the city before we go, but personal endorsements are always appreciated.

Post a comment on what you think we should do or not do in the Windy City.  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas postponed…

  1. Come on with your bad self! We can stash you away in the luggage. Although the baggage fees would probably cost about the same as an actual ticket. 😉

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