Bathroom remodel…finally

My friend Joy kindly reminded me that I had never posted pictures of our completed guest/girls bathroom remodel.  Sorry folks.  I guess I forgot since it was completed right before MK was born.  Well as the saying goes, “Better late than never.”  Right?

There are alot of pictures in this post, but the majority of them are of the finished project.  I am going to blame not having more “before” and “during” pictures due to the fact I was extremely pregnant when most of the work was completed, and I didn’t give a rip about the project except for it being done before I gave birth. (Yes, I know how extremely selfish that sounds, but it’s the truth.  Thankfully, God’s still working on me.)

Anyways, we took out a hall closet and added the space to the bathroom footprint.  We have another hall closet so we felt it justifible to loose some storage in order to have a more spacious bathroom.  Props go to Hubby for doing all the work except for moving the plumbing.  We paid to have that done despite Hubby’s ability because we moved the toilet from one corner of the room to the previous closet space.  I didn’t want Hubby messing with the poop pipe, and he didn’t want to mess with it either.  We added another sink mainly because we were thinking in the future of two girls getting ready for school in the morning; an additional sink will be a necessity.


It was suggested to us to keep the pink since we have girls, but we decided against that since this bathroom is our main guest bath.  We went for a more neutral and traditional look.  Turned out that it was a good thing we gutted the room because there was some minor water damage/rot on the sub-floor by the tub.


We replaced the window and added more lighting and electrical outlets.  Hubby found some great deals on the Kohler tub, sinks, and toilet on eBay.  If you know Hubby, then you know he is a shopper at heart (he takes after his father) and will search endlessly until he finds the best deal.  Thankfully, he found all the fixtures we needed in a decent amount of time.

So after a week of demo, months of waiting, a couple of weeks of work, some more waiting, and then the final push to finish the bathroom before my due date, we now have a nice new bathroom that we love.


The faucets were another good deal Hubby found.  He noticed in a sale paper that Tuesday Morning was getting a shipment of Price Pfister kitchen and bathroom faucets.  I think they were around 60% off.  We do have one complaint, and that is the tub faucet has a little spray when the water flows, but it’s a minor issue.

It may look a little funny in the picture with the tiles not lining up, but in real life it doesn’t look weird at all.

I like the continutiy of using the same or very similar tile on the floor and tub surround, but we mixed it up by changing the tile pattern to make each surface look unique regardless of the fact they are the same tile.

Hubby had to have a chandlier in the girls’ bathroom.  He said it would add an element of surprise.  It does add a little something special.

This mirror came from TJ Maxx HomeGoods; another great deal.  It was $69.99 for a 3′ X 5′ mirror.  My friend Erin suggested we look for a mirror there.  We hadn’t had any success at the home improvement stores or online.  Either the mirror was too small or too expensive.  But as quoted from Goldilocks and The Three Bears, “this one is just right.”

So there you have it; our new (sorta) bathroom.  Come by and try it out sometime.  Again, thanks to Joy for the reminder.


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