Here I am…

An anniversary, MK’s birthday, the beginning of a new MOPS year, a trip to Chicago, and then EK’s birthday made for a very eventful August.  I’m am now sure you understand the reasons for my blogging hiatus.  Many days I barely fit sleeping into our schedule.  But now I back with lots of stuff to share.

August Adventures Chapter 1:


Our baby girl is officially a toddler (my how time flies).  She started walking at around 11 1/2 months and is now 1 year old.  Below are the pictures from her birthday party.  It was a low-key, family-only celebration, which was just perfect.  I learned from EK’s first birthday party having both family and friends is just a little too much.  I sent out an email to the in-town family of time and location for the celebration and used the decorations I had saved from EK’s first birthday party.  Cake and icecream were served,  and then we opened presents.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to celebrate (although we did miss some family members) MK’s first year of life God has bless us with.

table layout

table topper

happy 1st birthday banner

Of course, an event isn’t complete unless there is a craft project involved, right?  For MK’s party I made a high chair “apron” or cover up.  The pad that came with the high chair is boyish, which just wouldn’t do;  I needed something that coordinated with the birthday colors/theme ( I do have girls, & yes, we have to coordinate ;)).  I took a rectangular piece of fabric tacked down the border with iron on adhesive and made two ties for either side.  The bottom corners of the fabric just tucked in the slots where the original pad attaches.  Easy-peasy!

high chair apron tie


My very talented friend made MK’s birthday onesie outfit.  It was simple & cute = perfect!  A couple of weeks before MK’s b-day, I was clearing out closets and going through the girls’ clothes when I came across some clothes MK wore during her first days and weeks of life.  I sobbed when I held the tiny clothes she wore.  Weighing 5 lbs. 14 oz., newborn clothes were too big for her so she wore premies for a bit (she was full term, just petite).  So before I dressed MK in her party attire, I took this picture to have for comparison.  It’s amazing how they grow!

newborn (premie) onesie & birthday onesie

havin' fun

preparing to make a wish

about to dig in

taste test

going back for more

EK: "May I have some, pleeezze?"

showing her new pool float

"What's this cool new thing?"

one of God's greatest gifts


4 thoughts on “Here I am…

  1. This post had me tearing up this morning. I think it just hit me that Graham was growing up and not a baby anymore since MK was the last of the babies in our group. Now she’s over a year and on her way to a big girl in no time.

    MK is such a precious little girl and I love that she is always smiling and so friendly.

    Loved the onesie comparison. It’s so amazing how little the babes are in the beginning, especially like mk.

    Love you guys and we’re sure gonna miss you when we move. Thank goodness we’ll still be in the same time zone so I can still call you 14 times a day for no reason. 😉

    We may have to start skyping so we can still have wardrobe and craft consultations after we move. ha!!

  2. The pictures are precious! They do grow up so fast. Hang on to every minute cause I promise you will turn around and we’ll be making high school graduation pictures.

    I am always so impressed with your “crafty” ways!!

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