August Adventures Chapter 3: EK’s Birthday Party

We arrived home from Chicago Thursday night and EK’s birthday party was that Sunday evening.  Lots to do in a short amount of time, but I tried not to procrastinate.  Nevertheless, despite my efforts, it all came together right at the end (Thanks Hubby for all the help!).

The theme of her birthday party was a ladybug picnic, and our original plans were to have the entire event outside.  I knew I was pushing my luck to have anything outside in August in Georgia, but figured with enough shade and some fans blowin’ it might be alright.  Well, while we were out-of-town, God blessed our little town with rain every. single. day.  So any outdoor activity other than mud wrestling wouldn’t work.  All in all, it was good we were inside for the majority of the party.  We still got to venture out for cake and icecream on the driveway and some play time on the playset.  And nobody left covered in mud. 😉


I decided to make the invitations basically because I didn’t find anything that I really really liked.  My friend, CR, makes awesome invitations (she’s a photographer and works Photoshop like a mad scientist) & informed me of free digital scrapbooking paper and kits.  I simply did a Google search and downloaded pieces that I liked, plugged them into Pages (that’s the Mac version of Word for all you PC lovers out there), and came up with this…

By no means is it professional, but it was good enough for my first “graphic design” project attempt.  CR also told me about (now saved in my favorites), which is where I downloaded the font for the invitations and also used it on the address labels.  If you want to know the name of the font, it is “Swingset.”

I made the envelopes too; not because I wanted to, but because I couldn’t find locally red envelopes in the size I needed.  I made a template out of one piece of white card stock, practiced with a piece of red card stock to work out any kinks, and then put together the rest based on my adjustments.  It was an easy,  but time consuming process, and it didn’t help that I got a little anal about the creases (is there therapy for that?).


Obviously with the theme of ladybug, the colors were red and black.  But we live in Dawg country, and I didn’t want the party to resemble a UGA tailgate, so I added ‘picnic’ to add the bits of the color green and some daisies.

Here’s the decorative banner I made that hung above the dining room table where the food was laid out.

A picture of the paper flower detail:

My dearest gal-pal, Abby, let me borrow this red wire tray for the party.  She paid a whopping 5 cents for it folks!  I bought a black and white checked bandana at Wally World for a buck and used it to line the tray.  The chip bags fit perfectly in it.  And just if you’re curious, I picked up the table ‘cloth’ from Publix.

Thanks to Hubby’s help, we had a few minutes to spare before the guest started to arrive.  I grabbed the camera real quick and got a few shots with everyone clean and not yet comatose from the sugar load that was to ensue within the hour.

Me:  “Ellie, how old are you?”

Ellie:  No verbal response, just throws up her fingers representing her age.

I didn’t get a good shot of EK’s birthday shirt.  But it was yet another awesome job done by another dear friend, CW.  You have to check out her work! (

As our guests started to arrive it was fun to watch the kiddos play and enjoy themselves while the adults stood around and quietly carried on conversations.  One of our friends says that kids’ parties are for the parents almost as much as they are for the kids and I would have to agree with his statement.

Here’s one of our cute party goers.

The chaperones: 😉

After a little play time and socializing, it was time to eat.  On the menu:  sub sandwiches with the fixin’s, chips, and fruit salad.  Look at these sweeties patiently waiting for the food to be blessed and their turn for some grub.  I could eat them up.

Opening presents followed the meal.  All the pictures I have of this are blurry; a true representation of present time for little ones.

Finally, cupcakes and icecream were next on the agenda.  We did the birthday song and wish inside and then headed out for consumption.  Thanks to whoever came up with that idea.

This pic of MK chowin’ down on some cupcake cracks me up!  Thanks Jon/CR for documenting this.

The kids played on the playset for a bit after dessert and then it was time for folks to head home.  We did goodie pails instead of bags this year only because I saw the pails at Hobby Lobby and thought they were adorable.  I added the picture on the right so you could see what I put in the pails.  I like to know what other people put into their guests goodie bags, so I’ll share what we put in ours: stickers, mini card game, mini playdoh and a lollipop.

EK had a fun birthday party.  Let’s put it this way, she is already talking about her next one.  Yes, already! 🙂

A BIG thanks to everyone who celebrated and helped with EK’s birthday party.  It wouldn’t have been the same without you!


One thought on “August Adventures Chapter 3: EK’s Birthday Party

  1. SO cute! You are really creative, Darien–LOVE the cupcakes and goodie pails! Also, I got the invite in the mail today….LOVE them! Thanks so much 🙂 🙂

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