Ballet Lessons

Today, EK started ballet lessons.  She has been so excited about it.  She’s been asking when it will be time to go to ballet lessons, telling us what things she was going to tell her teacher, and showing us what she was going to learn.

I tried to get some cute pics of her at the studio right before class started, but our little silly goose wouldn’t give me a decent smile.

Check out this bun I was able to do.  Just in case you didn’t know, EK’s hair is super-duper fine.  So to accomplish this feat of a bun, I wet her hair, put gel in it, and then sprayed the mess out of it after I got the bun finished.  Hey, it worked.

MK had fun at the picnic table watching all the little girls before class started.

The next few pictures are taken from the viewing window into the class.  I know they’re not great, but they get the point across.

(ek far right)

(ek far right)

Technically the class EK takes is pre-ballet and tumbling.  Here’s some mat work she was doing with her teacher.

Despite the look EK has on her face, she had a great time at ballet.  Before we left the studio, she asked when she could go back to ballet class.

Hubby and I are proud of our budding prima donna.  EK did wonderfully at her first ballet lesson.



3 thoughts on “Ballet Lessons

  1. HOLD THE PHONE!! Is someone blogging in real time? What a novel idea! ha.

    Thanks for posting about EK’s first ballet lesson so I could pretend I was right there experiencing it with you. Love that first group of pictures.

  2. These pictures are PRECIOUS!! Ballet lessons are fabulous. You know I did that for 12 years so I am really excited for Ellie. She will love it!

  3. Love E’s little expressions! Eowyn would love to do ballet but she’s too young right now (maybe in a year) 🙂 SO cute!

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